Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Monday;s comutte home....9 degrees and all SMILES!

Rode home yesterday for the first run on the bike chains. All was good. Street, snow, ice , jumping through a few curb drifts.....no slippage from the chains as they fit perfectly between the knobs on the Bontrager Jones ACX tires....cables rotated a little bit...but if I put on all the bow nocks that should keep the cables from moving. While riding on the street you get that cool sound, without the bump, bump, bump.

Finally found a lid that would fit my thermos to keep the damn road sand/salt out of the drinking area:) YEA HAW! After Christmas it will be time to start riding some longer gravel rides. A Sunday Bacon Ride should start up....Booneville gravel to the Waveland...eat some bacon....ride home via back the same way or finish the southern route back into town. Plenty of snow for a winter camp....I have a couple spots just outside of town if you want some.



Brian said...

Waveland breakfast is sweet.

Squirrel said...

Yeah I still think the Waveland on University is greasier though. Greasier as in fucking good! Booneville Waveland is great just not the same character, but there are some kick ass hills to ride to get there and back home:)!


Brian said...

Oh, I thought you were talking about the one on University. Its the only one I have experience with. I'm willing to give the Booneville one a try though. Never been on the infamous Booneville gravel loop. We'll have to rectify that soon.

bluecolnago said...

merry christmas, brother!