Monday, December 08, 2008

Friday Nights Toys for Tots Show

IMG_1747, originally uploaded by Dirty Moines.

Busy ass weekend! Friday night Kent, Sammy, Ed, Justin, Fuller, Ryan and I powered the Christmas lights for the Nada's set @ Hoyt Sherman. Needless to say with All Access passes, 2 kegs of beer and about 15 bottles of Templeton Rye at our disposal. One of us got completely SMASHED, while the rest of us were well on our way:) The plan @ 11:15pm was to head down town to Peoples and party some more. I ageed.... only to listen too the wise one at the end of the parking lot and head home:) You see we ALL (not Ed or Kent) had to be at Sycamore @ 7am for race prep for the Sycamore 8 Run. One of us didn't get up til 3pm Saturday afternoon:) The rest of us seasoned pro's made it on time and pulled off a great event....hungover:) Teri and I had our Xmas party Saturday night....I didn't really feel up to it as I'd just had a long morning after a very short night...our babysitters Grandma and or Aunt Stacie were both sick so it just worked out that we stay home. Sunday I spent the day in the garage rebuilding the Spin Trike for the Big Wheel Rally on this Saturday, then Billy came over and we built him a Tall Bike...then it was relax time....purdy busy weekend:) Snows a come'n....who wants too do a winter camp?



Neve_r_est said...

Winter camp, when and where? Only if I can ride to it....and not this weekend.

Wanna ride a hundy beforehand? I now have basically two weeks to ride 400miles. Challenging?


Ryan and family said...

I was thinking ski bikes on Wednesday night... or sometime soon anyway.

Squirrel said...

Dennis....hell no I don't want to ride a hundy before hand...I want to drink beers and shoot my guns while sitting in a lawn chair by the fire at winter camp:) You can however easily get you hundred + miles on your way up to join me:)

Ryan.. my folks were going to come up on Wednesday but with the weather coming in they may not. So I'd be up for some ski biking fun. Who's bringing the beer?


Steve Fuller said...

I can bring whatever the beverage of choice is. I have not been winter camping before, but have been thinking about going. Not sure my gear is up to the task tho. When you thinking of going and where?

devin said...

Bike powered lights now that is cool.

bluecolnago said...

whoaa! great pics!