Friday, December 05, 2008

Cool Ass Cycling Lights

Very cool ass little lights from Blackburn are now at the shop for your purchasing pleasure.

these things are purdy sweet and bright.....uhm and.....
rechargeable from any 1.5v battery you have laying around the house...AAA, AA, C, and D batteries will work...that is purdy damn cool.

Speaking of cool ass lighting some cycling mates and I are going to be running or should I say riding the light show for these guy's

tonight @ The Hoyt Sherman show benefiting Toy's for Tot's We'll be spinning on the

Langster "Las Vegas" cause......well its just tits and ass! Out for a couple beers after the show, then up bright and early for the Sycamore 8 Run....yee haw!



Steve Fuller said...

Gonna be good times for sure. We're spinning on a Langster?

Squirrel said...

thats the plan, but I'm taking my fixie too....hell who know's for sure.....from the way this thing has been playing out in emails we could be up there on a treadmill:)


Justin said...

F treadmills!
Sterling hooked me up w/ one of those lights... I knew I had that drawer full of used batteries for something!