Friday, October 24, 2008

Spooky Cross this Weekend!

Sydney "I'll kick your boy ass" Brown at last years Spooky Cross

Teri, Izzy and I will be rolling out to LHF to watch the fun of another wet Spooky Cross race. We'll be leaving Rasmussen Bike Shop at 12:30pm for the ride out via black label shout out if ya want to tag along. Rumor at Witmer CX practice was there is going to be a couple kegs on course......I'm thinking stars and stripes thong, a few dollar bills, cowbell and some booze should fit in for this year.

I'm sure I'll look alot better then this though:) Its looking alot like Spooky Woods is going to be a black label rolling party to some where for a bonfire.



bluecolnago said...

squirrel, you are the man! :)

see ya this weekend!

Steve Fuller said...

Today's sights were a good reason to have signed the waiver. I'm sure my eyes are now damaged after seeing squirrel in a thong. I'll take the blond in the stars and stripes for $200 Alex.

Julie said...

You looked WAY BETTER than the girl in the thong! funny times!!