Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hanging with ALL the Cool Kids

Broke out the apes and put them on the Collegiate for a ride over to Witmer Park for a CX practice session. Lots of mates out! I swilled some brew while chatting up some bruthas. After the session a few select elites went to Ak's for some light conversing and brew hah-hahs.

Rob V

Chad Vandelune

Steve Fuller

Bow to our very own local cycling Jesus...Westy with his house gest who's name I don't remember

Izzy playing in the back yard

Izzy in her leotard for tumbling class, Grandma's are persuasive:)

Damn rain is blowing ass right now, sure hope next week is clear or we'll be needing a relocation spot for Spooky Woods:)



Joe said...

HHF???? it's Nov 1st

Squirrel said...

Yeah I knew it was the 1st....can't make it this year...our Spooky Woods party is Friday night and if I get down like last year Saturday will be real low key:) Enjoy my brutha!


Iowagriz said...

If Denmans is too wet for Spooky, we should black label it in a route around town. Greenbelt out, EP True back, bars in between, small fires in the BBQ stands in the city parks as well.