Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What Season is it?? Hunting:)

Ready for these site's again...

suasage on the trail in Denmans...some day I'll take that test so I can hunt in there. Denmans was perfect last night....taco ride should be good tonight. Awesome weather for commuting in these days:)

don't forget about Quarter Rage this Friday....first rider off @ 5:15pm.



Buckshot77 said...

Last Wednesday I saw a smallish 8 pointer in there and several spikes and buttons. Should make for some good hunting. Hopef to see you Friday.

bluecolnago said...


nice header pic with the chainsaw.... you be 'da man!

MOD said...

Dude, we missed you at Sugarbottom.

gwadzilla said...

or compound?

cross season for me
cross bow season for you

Cornbread said...

Good luck gettin' your deer! I gotta wait until the middle of November for rifles. Yes, I need to get a bow.