Friday, September 12, 2008

CITA's Ales & Trails Party!

Well we don't have a keg bike but this mate does and hell thats cool in my book. We do have a keg of Black Stout from Court Ave Brewing for the festivities and I believe some brewers are donating some suds as well. Steve, Teri, Izzy and I will be leaving this afternoon for some biking, beer drinking fun at the White Rock Conservancy in Coon Rapids......ever rent a gator:) Looking forward to the new folks we'll be meeting and just hanging with like minded mates.



jason said...

heya me bro. did you put the BMX rims on the safety bridge? nice touch whoever did it... see ya soon my friend.

Thomas Gaines said...

Looks like a throw down! Bikes and beer, there's no better pairing.

fortyonethirty said...

Quarter rage was a blast. Thanks for being a rad dude!