Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekends just aren't long enough ehy....

Lots of mud and water still lingure at the Trestle Brigde on Bill Riley black label....

The Pottorff family had a great one though:) Trail work on our lovely Center Trails Saturday morning turned out to be enough too open up a new section of single track, close many bad spider shoots, and build/replace the go ride it:) Roller Coaster is still in cycle cross shape on the second creek crossing and a few wet spots at the end other then that it is ride able but not recommended. Teri through down 50 on Saturday...she said it was a windy biatch on the way to Adel:) Isn't it always:) After the work day Sammy, Rick and I headed to El Reys for some burritos, then Sammy and I headed out for a few laps of the HillSide too enjoy our mornings handy work. Sunday morning found Marco and I spinning more laps on HillSide then it was home to purdy much clean house and veg the rest of the day:) On this mornings commute..

I found my first freegan item worth picking up. A 30' pry bar....sawheat I didn't have one:)

Too bad this fellow missed the pond.....4 more of his buddies @ his size would make a sawheat appetizer:) Oh the day's of frog hunting back on the farm as a kid. I just might have to get some frog legs this year.

Peace and Good Monday too ya!


Paul said...

Thanks for all of your work! Taco Ride at the Center Trails this Wed?


Joe said...

Sweet road find!