Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ship Wrecked...

NW 66th and Morning Star Dr. reopened yesterday afternoon on me ride home:) This makes Teri and I very happy:) It is quite stinky down in the bottoms though:( Teri gets her "Eye Bike" tattoo today....will she go big and get it on her arm...or hide it like a Lady:) Riding in tomorrow...then its Hy-vee Tri time...all weekend long....sun up too sun down...yippy:) Looks like the dirty weekend will be held in Omaha...stay tuned for details:)


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jason said...

awesome pic. glad the rides are getting better. Rick has a twin at the DNR. I started talking to this guy and he seriously thought I was completely fucking mad. ha. maybe. just maybe... ride safe my friend.