Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Warm days make me SMILE

Its always nice to see the bike love, even if its stolen:) Not saying this one is as I'm sure you can by this sign some where out there in internet land. Great ride home yesterday...just a light breeze and a big smile. That is until Teri called saying she was headed too the doctors office...Izzy has pink eye:( Doctor bills just keep coming and coming but thats the way it is...nothing to get all bent outta shape about. Just another reason that my racing is going to be not much this year I'd say. Ride and be happy will do. The first good weekend after Izzy gets better Teri and I are doing our annual bike/camp on the Raccoon River Trail....heading up to Jefferson via black label looking for the ever elusive morel along the way. Cheap and always a good time. Predicted 40mph gusting winds today....going to try and make the Tuesday Night World Championships tonight....which is most likely the stupidest thing for me to do. Nothing like busting your ass almost to bonking just to keep up with these mates ( which I sure I can't), then getting dropped like a bad habit in bonk land with a 20mph wind to ride home alone too. I should just Suck It Up ehy!

Edit: Looks like I'm working at the shop tonight, so now I won't be getting my ass handed to me.

Peace Mates


Chris said...


Give this a try.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Squirrel! I couldn't find your email address. Dang!
Anyway, I wanted to remind you to encourage that lovely wife of yours to get out and do the Ritual Ride Wed. night. The weather looks great and I'm going to bet she could use a break from a baby with pink eye. Poor Izzy! :(
Hope to see Teri there!

Happy Trails-

Steve Fuller said...

The next time you think about riding home in that headwind, look at that sweet ink that you just had done a few weeks ago. Suck it UP!!! :)