Thursday, March 13, 2008

Windy Ride Home..

stopped for a short safety break with Craig at Carney Marsh outside of Ankeny. Then I slowly battled the wind home.

stopped again to check out thee Neil Smith black label just off of Morning Star dr., its not quite ready for skinny tires yet...this is a shot looking south into Des Moines...there was alot of slushy ice.

looking too the west along I80/35 looked to be clear for quite aways...I could just barely see snow crossing the black label at the farthest point of the photo.

Putting home again today....although I'm rolling the Traveler with fenders:) Jason you comutting? Want to meet?

Update on the Spoke Pony Showdown course:

Trail Conditions Update 03.12.08
Written by Craig Stoeltzing
Wednesday, 12 March 2008

I just got back from riding the Spoke Pony Showdown loop. I went just to see how things were progressing with no real intention to ride. I headed up the climb to the Spaghetti Bowl and things looked good. So I continued on to Dave's Maze, then the doubletrack, Will's Wanderer, Rim Job, and Tasty Goodness...before I knew it I had finished the entire 8.1 mile loop. I was completely amazed. There were a total of about 30 feet of soupy trail on the entire loop, the rest was a mix of hardpack and slightly tacky trail.

(I can't vouch for the rest of the trails at Landahl, but the SPS loop is in good shape.)

That's the update for now, stay posted. The weather forecasters are still predicting a chance of rain in the 70-80% range. We'll continue to monitor the trails and update the website as the weather changes.

Stay away rain!



Matt said...

Crossing fingers that the weatherman is wrong.

A. & I have to be back early (we're doing 3 hours) so we can't offer a carpool, but if you wanna drive down together let us know & we can hook up in Osceola.

Cough cough cough. Stupid germs.

Squirrel said...

Dennis and i will be going down and camping if its a go. See you there bro!


Josh said...

So far so good, no rain yet! If the weather holds I'll see you there!

Pete Basso said...

Glad your feeling better dude!