Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Two Day Illness....Sucky..

Monday felt like someone stuck a fork in me belly and was twisting it as if twirling spaghetti for a mouthful. Tuesday gut pains where mild but thee toilet was my preferred place too sit. Around noon I finally started to feel a little better...didn't get to ride at all on those sunny days...missed what sounded like a great Tuesday night ride too. Watched some killer movies though, American Gangster, Hitman, and No Country for Old Men....I highly recommend them all. Gonna throw in some miles on the way home tonight just too spin the legs out. So far so good on the 6hr race front....looks like they're still planning to race. My Monkey is still a mess from our last gravel hundy...should try to wash it tonight. Managed too whoop up a couple more chain candle cups for my entry fee to the 12hrs of Blue Mounds....finally found the right tool for creating nice circles.

I hate Angle food cake, but center piece worked perfect for what I was looking for..

perfect little circles....

done with love:)



Buckshot77 said...

I think you're just sick of winter man!

gwadzilla said...


sweet mugs!

it is the bad that makes us dig the good

it is all the uncool people in the world that make the few cool people so special