Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Syllamo's Revenge....Better Get On IT!

Just recieved this email from Steve Parker:

Registration topped 225 on day 1, and it looks like all 350 spots will be taken soon.

I've been getting a lot of questions about camp sites, so I thought I'd give you some info. I've reserved Group Camps 1 & 2, which are on both sides of the Pavilion, where the registration, pre-race meeting, start, finish, meal and awards presentation will take place. They will be available first thing Friday, and will be open until there isn't any more room. The Forest Service has told me that Camp 1 has room for 50 campers, and Camp 2 has room for 30 campers. With that many campers, it would be close, but that's the number they gave me.

Blanchard Springs Campground has many more individual campsites, but non that can be reserved. All are on a first come basis.

The website now has all details about the additional divisions, prize money and awards for 2008. Don't miss out!


Have a great day!

Steve Parker
Syllamo's Revenge


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Buckshot77 said...

Squirrel- shoot me an email, I've got some equipment questions for you.