Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fresh Tracks This Afternoon..

Weather man sayeth snow coming.....4-8 inches...depending how bad it is this evening I may get out in it for some fresh tracks. Looks like I made it into thee Almanzo 100 a gravel grinder race in Rochester Minnesota put on by none other then Chris Skogen. That name may sound familair too some of you that partook in thee CranksGiving Race, Chris has won thee outta towner class both years. Signed up running a fixed for a hundy...fuck yah! Anyone else want some of that Minnesota gravel? 1.5hrs on thee black label last night turned out to be purdy damn good....just as we got home from work....Loushous and Nathen pull into thee driveway after being out for a couple...Lou says stay outta Center...its back to ice only....well thats gonna change today:)

Fuck you PUNK...I'm enjoying these bird photos....cause when I look at them.... there I am flipping myself off thinking this.... fuck you punk need to keep buckled down and dig deep this year ....ya know.... kick some fucking ass!

CVO Travels Abroad, Our Jedi brother has begun his year long journey of traveling by bike to places all of us want to go. Stay tuned to his personal blog above to see how his journey is going and too let him know we're missing his skinny ass....see you in the future buddy:)

Peace Mates


S.Fuller said...

Gravel in Mid May sounds like it could be interesting. Let me talk to my body and see what it thinks. I'll have a better idea after the 28th. :)

Rob said...

...keep buckled down and dig deep this year- yep, I'm on the same program. Good Luck at Almanzo 100!