Friday, January 25, 2008

Red Accents...

New purdy red Jandd seat bag....Put me fenders on and I'm ready for thee day....34x18...

"Ready Too Suffer"....check!

Purdy new red spacers.....purdy I tell yah...

We're a go for 8am....Dennis Grelk, Steve Fuller, Scott Sumpter, and Tom Anderson...I think thats Toms last I can be so brain dead sometimes...well these are the mates for sure rolling out. I just couldn't do it with gears....I tried...I really did....had'm back on for 2 rides....fucking shifter was sticking and misshifting.....yup fuck that with it and be gone. Gravel up here in Ankeny looked great.....mostly open with a little snow.....but we are forcasted for snow today....half inch so no big deal. See you mates in da morning:)



Anonymous said...

Paul thumbie with a three gear stack would fit you well.

S.Fuller said...

Gotta get my speedo and fenders on tonight, as well as get my batteries charged for the lites and then I'm set to go

Rumor has it Basso may be making a guest appearance as well. I actually figured he'd be in AZ with Lou.

Can we print the route sheets out somehow or are you going to play Julie The Cruise Director for this one?

Buckshot77 said...

Man I wish I could join you guys for this. Should be a blast. Have fun!

Squirrel said...

Paul thumbie....interesting:)

Fuller...I thought Basso was going with them boys too...I have 6 sets of cue sheets and if I knew more mates were coming I could print a few more off.

Rick....I'll think about ya.


S.Fuller said...

I'll have to think about one of those fancy cue sheet holders like you have :)

Neve_r_est said...

Ziplock sandwich bags and a pair of zip ties works as well, if not better, than the boughten cue sheet holders.

You put each page in a bag in order, then flip the page when your done with it. Rip it off or tie it back with a rubber band around the bars.

This way you don't have to fumble with switching sheets or worry about them getting soaked.

Much more mitten frindly too.


Neve_r_est said...

To be more precise:
1 Paul Thumbie(friction, detents are for suckas)

3 Surly non-shift cogs 16, 18, 20t(none of that ghost shifting rampy cog shit)

1 XT Shadow short cage der(easier to keep from ripping off w/lower profile)

Think of it as a transfer case. Hi Med, Lo.


S.Fuller said...

DG. Thanks. Reminds me I need to get zip ties tonight to finish my speedo install.

the original big ring said...

hey . . . where did you get those coloured spacers for your freewheel?