Monday, November 12, 2007

Meat Hunter..... My Ass!

I always say I'm just a meat hunter, not looking for a trophy just want to fill me freezer.....boy if that isn't a crock of shit. Friday afternoon I'd planned on hunting a piece that I'm sure nobody hunts....hadn't hiked in 50yrds before I spooked up so many deer I couldn't even count them all.....shit! Looks like I'll move somewhere I went to a familiar tree I'd set up in years past that was close by. Once again not really happy cause this isn't where I'd wanted to be, I get set up and begin the wait of darkness. Around 4:20pm I hear some leaves crunching in the way a deer moves and not all the damn squirrels. I quickly spot this nice bodied buck coming out....he is a little basket buck missing the other half of his rack, (this isn't him just a visual of a basket buck) coming right on the trail that passed directly under my tree.

this is the little buck....@ 10yrds

I decided to pass on taking him.....hence the titile to this post. As soon as I would have stuck that little buck a huge one would have came out following:) I love hunting but sitting in a fucking tree isn't all that exciting unless your seeing lots of deer. The rut is on and at dusk a couple nice bucks came out chasing doe...a purdy cool thing to watch:) No shots taken:(

Saturday morning I was sitting close to where stand #9 is located, and just couldn't get into the patience are done....I forgot my I went to go see if I could find my arrow I'd shot the other day. No luck as I'd exspected. Afterwards I decided to hike into the secret area too see if I could find a nice tree for my climber....while messing around I busted my 20yrd I have to get a new sight....something I needed but really didn't want til next season. Didn't find any good trees for a climber that had a shooting lane....have to bring in one of thee lock on stands for this area. Back out Saturday night....dicidecd to hunt stand #1 one of me lock on stands. Upon getting there another disappionting sceen prevails its self. Part of the deal with getting the Ankeny Water Plant on DNR property was that when they were laying all the pipe for pumping water from the river they were too lay 4inch lines to the marshes so they could be full all year long and thee water fowl hunters can have another spot to shoot up the air. Well they haven't held this much water in stand #1 is surrounded by water and not a good set up at all....fuck what a wasted Saturday of hunting:) I'd planned on taking it down after it got dark Saturday night...but once again....NO.....I didn't have the key for my bike lock that secures it too the tree...just a perfect ending to a fucked up Saturday:)

thee red is the route I WAS taking to get to my stand.....notice all the extra water:)

Sunday morning brough new light to hunting and why it can be great to just sit in a tree even if you don't get too shoot. I set up Sunday in the same stand I shot my buck last year. With no disappointment the action started early, 7:25am the first doe is being chased by a nice 6 point buck...30 minutes later here comes yet another doe being chased by a little basket 8:40am two good bucks come in from the corn field wanting some doe chasing action....they no sooner made it into the woods and a big doe came chasing them in the woods...lots of action just nothing close enough to stick and arrow through:)

facing east towards the corn field, thee red box is where I shot my buck last year....right @ 35yrds. Hunting this stand tonight, if I see anything tonight in range they get an arrow:)


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