Tuesday, November 27, 2007

1st Plan for 2008....Crested Butte's 28th Annual Fat Tire Festival:)

Fat Tire Bike Week is slated for June 18th-22nd 2008....plans along with rounding up some like minded individuals are in the works right now. I haven't got a 100% out of Teri yet...I did get a "sure sounds like fun"....thats a good start.....but I'm working on it. NOW WOULD YOUR SILLY ASS BE INTERESTED IN A WESTERN BALLYHOO OF EPIC HOT DAMN PROPORTIONS? This would be my 5th time to ole Crusty Butt...thee very place of deep MTB roots, MTB Hall of Fame, 401, Pearl Pass, a killer hike to Oh Be Joyful Pass:) etc. 25 deer seen last night, along with Jeff seeing 15....I have a very good feeling about tonights hunt:)

Drive up Slate River Road a few miles until you see a small brown sign indicating the Oh-Be-Joyful turnoff. Drive down the road to a parking area and the Slate River. You can park there and cross Slate River on the bridge by foot, or ford the river in your vehicle (not recommended early in the season). Follow the road to the Wilderness Boundary about 1.5 miles. This part of the hike is the steepest part, and it's not very difficult. Once you reach the Wilderness Boundary, the trail climbs easily along the valley floor. You'll see multiple waterfalls, mountain peaks, still ponds and abundant wildflowers. This is arguably the most beautiful hike on the planet! You do not have to take this hike all the way to Blue Lake or Oh-Be-Joyful pass. Pace yourselves and go a comfortable distance for the whole family. Talk to your children about the Wilderness Act of 1964 (www.wilderness.net). A wilderness area is "where the land is left in a state where human modifications are minimal" (Wikipedia). On your return, get your feet wet and have fun in the Slate River before heading home.



Andy said...

I'm not that for from the Crusty Butt, I'd probably be in. But I'm not in for Ouachita, sorry.

Ed said...

The Husar clan might be in for a road trip. Do you normally stay out for the full event of just a weekend. I assume you drive as well?

Squirrel said...

Andy- I don't think I'm in for Ouachita either, although Syllamo sounds like a great time and is all single track:)

ED- We've never been to the fest, so we would be staying the whole week...most likely leaving on 14th staying all the way through...I now the area fairly well:)


Jeff Kerkove said...

might be there as well for both work and pleasure.

cvo said...

hmmm, part of my travel plans are to include bike festivals.

and may / june is when i'm planning on taking off from Lincoln and heading west.

and after a week or two on the road, seeing some friendly faces in the mountains, and gettin a big old bear hug from you is more than enough reason to put it on the list...

I gotta start making a list.

good luck on the hunt tonight

bikeblackribbon said...

The grandaddy of all MTB Fests! I'm a definite maybe for that.

s.fuller said...

The fat tire festival sounds like a good time. I'm a definite maybe as well, specially now that I have a real bike. :)