Friday, October 26, 2007

Spooky Woods Recon/ Full Moon Goodness

Justin and I did some Spooky Woods recon last night with a full moon lighting thee way. WOW what an awesome night:) We took thee black label of thee Trestle to Trestle trail all the way too the trestle over Beaver Creek then headed east along thee levee under Beaver Ave all the way too Fish Camp. Perfect it's not under water any more....this is where we party:)

Rolling too thee meeting spot....the moon was fantastic:)


Justin can't shove it in fast enough...


On our way back just past thee tree farm on black label Justin and I just bsing while I'm riding no handed fiddling with my camera when I look up to something crossing the trail right in front of us. Before I can even say what it was I had ran directly over it, rear wheel only, it was a possum and funny as hell.....must not have been as big as the raccoon that took thee Reverned Westy out, or I just posses better skillz:)

Tomorrow night the way dress up you lazy bastards:)



Anonymous said...

you definitely posses better skillz!!

Ryan said...

excellent report; very uplifting!

i'm dressing as a cyclist; its definitely make-believe as of late ;)

see you soon.