Tuesday, October 09, 2007

My Spooky Girly Crosser

A work in progress for this weekends cross race....I sure hope I can hit one of them....need a matching dress....ladies:) Rassy hooked me up with this sawheat frame yesterday....I want too race it then pass it on to Teri Sue for a gravel grinder bike:)

all I need to do now is get me XT cranks on her, and find some brake levers:)

Hunting tonight, but if a ride is what you want don't forget about the Tuesday night gravel griders that leave Water Works Park ped bridge by the frizbee golf course @ 5:30 pm:)



Andy said...

I've got some single speed road levers if you need them.

Squirrel said...

Perfect Andy...I'll use them til I get me some...cool:)?


the mostly reverend said...

schwinn--even when making lower-end bikes--still did it right.
look at that fork:
--chrome flat crown, and
--sweet chrome tips.

great find, squirrel.
THAT'S gonna be waaay cool.

Justin said...

I think it's time I just drop my Schwinns off at your place & turn you loose on them... interested?

Joe said...

Sweeet mixte!

BTW, we usually just drive home after the fall fest (not smart). I'm only a couple hours away. Never thought about spending the night.

Mojoe (former pressman)
josephkisley (at) yahoo (dot) com

Ed said...

What the heck you need breaks for B?

Travel Gravel said...

Squirrel, looks like another winner! Look back at my blog for a redneck way to make some dirt drops! You'll appreciate them and it's a free set of bars! Later!