Sunday, September 02, 2007

Bringing Home the MONEY:)

Cold cash kids!

A report of sorts to come later, until then here is what Cam had to say:)

Perfect weather and great trail conditions greeted 72 mountain
bikers at the start of the 24 Hours of Iowa on Saturday. 24 hours
later we had a new first time 24 hour solo champion. Squirrel (Brian
Pottorff of Rasmussen Bike Shop) took the early lead amongst the
soloists at the gun and never looked back. 18 laps later (126
grueling miles) an exhausted Squirrel plunked down in his lawn chair
in a heap with smile going from ear to ear. Why was he smiling?
Because he knew by 9am that he had a big enough lead that he
wouldn't have to go out and do anymore laps. It could also have had
something to do with $1,000 in cash first prize that he was about to
receive! Andrew Carney of Ames, Ia came home in 2nd place with a
total of 15 laps. Apparent newcomer Jacob Espey followed in 3rd
place. Jane Reissen of Des Moines brought home the women's solo
victory with a total of 7 laps. Apparently Jane had such a huge lead
before nightfall that she decided to crack open a beer(s) and take a
7 hour break before beginning her next lap!
In the 12 hour solo race, Lincoln, Nebraska's Matt Gersib (Monkey
Wrench / Salsa Cycles) took advantage of his good form coming off of
a great cross country season in the Nebraska Psycowpath mountain
biking series to bring home the victory, followed by Oakley man Rob
Versteegh of Des Moines. Taylor Webb of Mercy Specialized rounded
out the top three in 3rd.
In the team competition, the Rasmussen Bike Shop team of Cam
Kirkpatrick, Jed Gammell, Ben Garrett and Andy Lueck took the win
with a total of 28 laps, followed by the All Nine Yards / Rasmussen
Bike Shop team of Dave Mable, Jason Alread, Brian Benson and Herb
Hollwanger with a total of 26 laps. 3rd went to MBWC / Team 14 posse
of Jeff Burnett, Brad Patty, Matt Scotton and Brian DePenning with a
total of 25 laps.

The fine folks of Singletrack Promotions would like thank all that
came out and `braved' the absolutely beautiful weather! Singletrack
Promotions did an outstanding job in putting together a great event,
great trails, good friends, mountain biking all night, camping, all
you can eat pasta feed… what more can a mountain biker ask for?!

Full results will be posted shortly!

Cam Kirkpatrick
President – IMBCS
Urbandale, IA


Paul said...

Great Job Squirrel! A very well deserved win to say the least! Awesome job!

Endurosnob said...

Way to kill it!!

Joe said...


Chris said...

Great job brutha!

Pete Basso said...

Dude you are simply amazing!! Congrats.

Bake said...

I thought I detected a big ol smile on your face when I saw you go by on Hwy 141 today.


Paul Varnum said...

Nice work! You looked stronger with every lap you did. Congrats!

MG said...

way to rip it bro. it was awesome getting to ride both my first and last laps with you.

i was inspired by the way you kept your positive attitude and simply persevered over the conditions and your competition. your victory was hard fought but in the end the strongest man won.

damn that ride was fine. nice work my friend.


Cellarrat said...

Way Cool!

Very nice work!!

bikeblackribbon said...

Way to go Squirrel!!


Neve_r_est said...

Good job Squirrel! I was hoping you would earn those bones.


Guitar Ted said...

Squirrel: Nice to finally meet you! Congrats on the win, you certainly earned it. Nice wheelie on the end of your last lap, by the way!

the mostly reverend said...

you did this with a derailleur?
oh, no!

just kidding--great job.
be sure to check the exclusive photo of you taken during the race, on "today's sermonette."
follow the links...

and remember my mama's advice: spend it all in one place!

Buchanandale said...

Nice work Brother!!!! You rode a fantastic race.

Captain Bob said...

Sweet! Great job man!

Carney said...

Nice work man!!! Now it's time to lay back and crack a few open!! Peace

bluecolnago said...

sweet ride, squirrel! good seeing you again and nice to meet teri!

peace out, yo!

Paddy Humenny said...


Anonymous said...

Nice work dude. That's rocking it.

fatmarc said...

congrats, look forward to your report.

very good stuff.
good to you.

sydney_b said...

Wow. Congrats! How much did the women's pay? Maybe I'll have to take up this 24 hour stuff.... (prolly not) sounds like a long painful way to a really sore ass.

Lou Waugaman said...

$1000 payday!

When's the P-A-R-T-Y?