Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Just Another Day In The Routine

This is a piece of black label I ride every day I commute in and every time I cruise through here I think about the pipe bomb that was strung between the posts a few years back that could have killed a local commuter if she were cruising any slower. Anyone out there in blogger space remember this? Some dumbass pissed at his old lady...comes up with a stupid ass plan of setting a string of pipe bombs off around our lovely city, then on the last one attaches it too his ex's car, only for her to see it, call authorities and dumbass gets busted.....although I think it took a month or so.....crazy shit kiddies.

A couple Tonka toys basking in the morning bliss

Hell is about too freese over, Jeff Madison tackled his 25 mile one way commute this morning....you go buddy:)

Riverside Trial at Summerset Lakes State Park is officialy on the maps as of this past weekend.....would there be any takers on leaving Teri and I's place Saturday morning for a gravel grinder out to Summerset Lakes for a loop or two then head back into the city? Many thanks to those who put time into this project, it took 3+ years for CITA to nail this thing down but here it is:) I put me time in on the first 2 years then kinda got pissed at all the red tape crap and broken promises....but all is good now, RYAN HANSER KICKS SOME SERIOUS ASS......WE ALL SHOULD BE THANKING HIM DAILY AS ALOT OF HIS FREE TIME IS DEVOTED TO HIS AND OUR LOVE OF THE OUTDOORS. THANK YOU BUDDY!

Peace and Damn Good Day To Ya


2wheels4strings12ounces said...

What route do you take to ride gravel to Summerset?


Squirrel said...

Route found here.


Squirrel said...

whoops.... take the pave trail out past willow creek golf course then hit the gravel:) most likely a 60 or 70 mile day:)


Justin said...

Hear, hear Squirrel. Hanser puts in so much time for CITA it makes me ashamed & jealous.

the mostly reverend said...

that pipe bomb victim was our cycling buddy and bike world computer whiz wanda. she got pretty messed up from that--some serious emotional trauma. she's riding again, which is good, but that bomb took a toll on her.
i think about it EVERY time i ride through those posts.
there's some crazy fucks out there.
PLEASE be careful.