Friday, May 04, 2007

TT'n Black Label Too Country Club Lake

Black Label riding is a hoot when you don't have any dirt too throw down on.

Cruising black label at 20mph and I can still spot these:)

Teri and I will be hitting up the Raccoon River Trail tomorrow if the weather permits it.....riding at least to Adel maybe further....maybe just eat some P-cakes then head back....all depends on Grandma & Grandpas plans:) If its crappy out maybe we'll just go get some paint and start that process.....Izzy's bedroom is first.....nice and bright:) Good Luck to those racen this weekend:) Swanson is Saturday in Omaha, with Camp Ingawanis on Sunday here in Iowa, may the clouds part for prime conditions, or may it rain like cats and dogs for crisco conditions:)


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S.Fuller said...


Was this you that I spotted the other day? :)