Monday, May 07, 2007

Stop The Rain Dancing

Holy's going to be the middle of June or longer before we get to ride a full loop at Center if this damn rain keeps coming:( I thinks its safe too say Targhetto is out for just as long or longer:( Looks like a "Have Bike Will Travel Too Ride" year for us central Iowiegan dirt heads:) Put in over 120 miles the last few days....mostly cruising the black label...feels good:) Teri and I rode 30 or so on Cinco De Margarita...plan was too head out towards Adel and come back....we made it as far as Waukee...before we stopped in at Legacy Sports Bar for our first. James the owner is a reader of mine that I had not met so it was cool to put a face too a name in the comment section. James was super cool, as was our bartender was 10:30am and we were ready for some juice:)

Hot Damn we are a good looking couple:)

We then pedaled back to the city for a quick stop at Sully's for one more then home. Upon heading home we seen a mirage....or so we thought at first:) The Schwinn broke out of the JEEP....yee haw.....with Craig (aka Wildman)riding!!

Only the cool biatches ride with single kickstands:)

after some chit chat with Craig he boogied out too Sullys...while Teri, Steve and I did yard work for the rest of the day. Sunday it rained so we cleaned:) Sunday was also the Camp Igwanis XC Race....from Captain Kerkove's photos of the day it looked like even Waverly can get Peanut Buttery:)

Brutha Sterling from our Rassy squad twas there.....first race of the year and the poor guy has too ride in the mud....if you know Sterling he does not like the peanut butter:)....his bikes are so damn clean they look brand spanking new....ALL THE TIME.

Big Bad Basso also in the mix

Brutha Cam flying the colors too

Well I sure hope everyone had a kick ass weekend....obviously you had too be outside the midwest:) A new quote heads the page can visit Taliah's gallery here.



3p0 said...

stupid flood.

S.Fuller said...

SS/fixie pave trail riding tonight anyone? Leave from someplace (Rassys or wherever) around 5:30 ish?

james.conrad said...

Thanks man for stopping by on Cinco de Mayo and enjoying part of you day with us at Legacy. I look forward to putting a bike ride together with some of the local and non-local bars in this area. I am really glad we got to meet and some day I hope to get tricycle out and ride with you (as you can tell I am a little out of shape from the restaurant and in dire need of putting in some miles). Let me know if there is anything I can do to ensure you and your wife visiting us again.

James Conrad

My bro. hit one of our spots this morning and filled the back of his wagoneer.

Squirrel said...

James- We'll be back I said next time we'll eat:) Thanks again for buying our drinks.