Thursday, May 24, 2007

Prep Time

Need too start me packing tonight, change the Monkey back to a single, lights are charged....once again thank you'll see me coming.....have a head trip extreme with 2 batteries and a light in motion bar mounted light also...both HID systems:) Plenty of Hammer and Honey Stinger products to rock me through the night....are earpieces with hardcore music allowed???....A sixer of Fat Squirrel Nut Brown Ale....guess I have to sneak that in:) Gonna be awesome to finally throw down on the Ergon Sweetness in a killing fashion. Have to thank Frank for the info on the flooring....we've decided that the espresso....will rock the living room area nicely
how would a cherry dinning set look on this floor? I don't have that type of vision:)

purdy sure that the living room floor is no better then the dinning room....the guy whom lived here before us had 2 Mastiffs. Dinning room first then the living room....yes I'm sure it would be beneficial to knock it out in one, but my time won't allow it or I should say I don't want to do it that way. Stain it all the same.....two different stains.....oh the decisions:) Jones'n to race:)



3p0 said...

you should be fine, just don't be having a beer container out in the open, and I'd avoid just a coozie..

if you re-poor your beer into water bottles, you should be just fine..

see ya at the fire pit.

once you get into area one, there is a beach parking lot almost directly north of the entrance, by the showers,

we'll be down there... by the willow tree

Pete Basso said...

Did the guy buy the house for the mastiff's?? Where the hell did he live?

Ryan said...

Cherry table will "float" on that dark finish. You've seen our cherry on our light stain floor; opposite effect. Both good!

Enjoy your weekend!