Monday, May 14, 2007

Great Weekend

Thank You DQ for the kick ass messy bag, my old one was just too small so DQ felt sorry for me...actually I asked him if he had a large one laying around as he has many:) He did...I gave my old one too Martha another one of our shop rats:)

Cruising DT too the farmers market Sat. morning....before this photo Teri and I had already tried getting DT....I was riding the fixie when we made it to the bottom of Ingersol the rear hub.....well it just blew some bearings out:) 5years of winter riding with no love.....yup that'll do it:) Craig and Jeff rolling back.

spotted a very cool trailer set up .....I want a bubble..

Scott Sumptner & Angie Dalton......creators of all good bike things:), slaving the Bike too Work Week booth

a shot down Court Ave.....a few hours earlier and you wouldn't have been able to see the street from all the folks shopping the market

Sumptners fixie......check out the Paul "Full House" crank set....SaWheat!

Teri Sue showing off our Bike Too Work Week Schwag....

A succulent Mothers Day Gift for Teri Sue:) Hope all you mothers had a wonderful and spoiled day with your family:)

Missed the commute this morning Teri had a headache so I took Izzy to daycare....rolling in tomorrow:) I wonder how all the race'n went?



3p0 said...

racing. was good,

you were missed

swanson sunday...

12 hours of bo (night 6pm - 6am)
memmorial day weekend...

Squirrel said...

12hrs of B.O. is definately on my mind....I need to race, I need my release from the daily grind, just as everybody else:) Brutha Tim seems to be cleaning all the single mates clocks over there:) I'm so outta shape I'd be lucky to finish:)


Pete Basso said...

Squirrel - that was Brent and I that yelled at you on Saturday morning as we passed your house. We were just coming back from some singletrack goodness at SC then on down to the Farmers Market for some coffee then back to the house to catch a flight. sorry I couldn't stop. Looks like you guys had fun. Talk to you in a couple of days.