Friday, May 11, 2007

First Timer

Craig and I just waiting, bus in, commute home, that is perfect. The morning road group came by 20 strong, Basso, Hollander, and Dave R. where the only ones I think that I knew..missed the photo shot.

when riding bus be sure to empty bladder before the rough as hell ride:)

Down Town Farmers Market starts tomorrow morning at 7am.... Bike Too Work Week packets are also being picked up Saturday morning. Last night and every Thursday till October is the Music in the Junction/Farmers Market just a mere 6 blocks down the street from our house....SaWheat:) Friday evenings its CA5 (Clive After 5), all of these and more are great to bike too. Keep up with whats going on this summer through the Des Moines Juice Rag. Teri and I will be at Java Joes in the early morning for the market come on down for a safety break and breakfast:)

If Andy had a tapper like this for his keg during the La Madre de Las Montanas Race I would definately be going to the race...I may even ride there:)


Good Friday Mates



Pete Basso said...

Gee's Squirrel, I might start drinking again if your throwing parties with a tap like that!!!

Good to see you this morning, whenever we pass your house I always yell for ya, but this morning I could see you just up ahead. What an awesome morning to be out riding!!

S.Fuller said...

Will see you down at Farmer's market and JJ's tomorrow morning mebbe. Riding down with the wife and son to see the "farmer's" wares and do the packet pickup thing. Head home to pick up the Elgin and then head south to the Asian Heritage festival tomorrow afternoon to get my carbs on. :)

the mostly reverend said...

happy mother's day, teri!