Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Another Happy Commute

Teri and I coming on NW 62nd out in Johnston this morning

Sunny.. days.. wish'n.. the ..clouds.. away..

NW 66th right before Syacamore access cruising with the traffic....we have a nice 3plus foot bike lane out here in the bottoms that is nice but you can still get a mirror buzz from the assholes....none today though:)

Just pass Casey's on NW 66th you get to ride the closed road all to yourself....doing some type of water pipe schtuff

Safety break happens right here before the finial leg on Oralabor to the prision:) What a great way to start ones day:)

May your morning be as blissful as ours:) Yesterdays ride photos are up, along with the Raccoon River...damn it was flowing fast yesterday.

Asshole of the Day
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bwo said...

great pics -- nice to get the mind right before the day begins...

Roman Holiday said...

Great site.

Please check out:


Chris said...

Looks like a great day for riding.