Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Yard Work Today...

Getting home then doing the yard thing....leaves, sticks, gutter repair, fallen trees...all thee above need taken care of....might only get a couple done today. Went fixed on me arends yesterday....didn't make the TNWC ride....think I'll put the gears back on the Daytona so I can keep up:)....well maybe not. Need to get a hitch for the burley trailer so we can get Izzy out on afternoon rides.....can't wait to put her too sleep while riding along:) Now thats a bed time story worth telling every night. Gonna start comutting next week when I can.... trails should be cleared by then we'll see....I've heard there are lots of trees down on the Neil Smith Trail. Only 9 miles into work from daycare:) Thats all folks.....Good Day:)


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the mostly reverend said...

cycling is better than a bedtime story for putting them out and for getting in miles. "he's such a good daddy: he takes her everywhere on that bike."
i took addie all over in the little, unsafe, yellow baby seat that mounted over the rear wheel. nothing safe about it: just a belt to hold her in. i knew she was asleep when her head would flop around corners! but she loved it, and was a bear if you tried to put her to bed without a ride.
of course, it's the trailer now, but kids have to multi-task, and it's hard to balance a keyboard, bottle/cup, dolly, and snacks in a little baby seat!
helmets? whatever!! not then, not now.
have fun with her outside. your yard looks like a great place to grow up in.