Thursday, March 15, 2007

Its A Mexican..Whoa..Whoa..Potato.

Hoping the "Mexican Radio" seed haunts you for the rest of the day:) We had mexican potatos the other night and Teri was giving me crap about me sour cream intake:) I can't help it, I could sit down and eat the whole its self. I won't show you how many of these I stuffed in me mouth aferwards:) Loading up for this weekends endevors...ya know its tough being a little fucker. Lots of yard work done yesterday...first I had to go to the old place and dig me trailer out from the mess below. Our pop-up camper thankfully was at the bike shop, or it may have been damaged. Back side of the shed got crushed but nothing valuable was damaged...not even the fence.

3 loads of brush and that purdy much shot the afternoon, well I did some raking also. Now we have a huge pile of leaves to discard of....too bad I can't just light'm up and make the neighborhood smell of really bad Iowa weed. Still have to take the Monkey for a washen after Saturdays ride, then tear down and rebuild the Badger for this weekends throw down. Lots of Iowa mates heading down this year....sawheat! Baked some bannan bread lastnight for the trip too....yummy:)
Well thats all I feel like rambling about Good Day.



Julie said...

The do would definitely be you...go for it!
I'm with ya on the sour cream...LOVE it!!!

the mostly reverend said...

i've found a VERY tasty fat-free substitute for sour cream is non-fat, unflavored yogurt.
it really is worth a try, and it won't distort those abdominal tattoos!!
give it a try, just once, and let me know. but make sure it is unflavored non-fat. the other stuff doesn't hold up to the heat of the baked tatie.
enjoy! chef mostly reverend

T-bone said...

R U camping Sat night at Landahl?

Squirrel said...

Rev.- ok that sounds bad enough that I'll give it a try:)


Peace & Green Mohawks

S.Fuller said...

I gotta give props to the rev's yogurt idea. I try and sub it in for sour cream whenver possible. As you have seen, the hard part is not fucking it up by stuffing your face full of brownies afterwards ;)

Squirrel said...

But dem brownies are so fucking good:)