Tuesday, March 20, 2007

No action photos:(

When we left it was like this:(

Stopped in Bethany for gas, the bikes resembled bike sickles

Dennis, Andy, and Kristen kick'n it by the fire after its all done

Ah Breakfast.. many thanks go too brutha ,CVO for the Guiness and Fat Tire...we'll be pound'n dem beer together shortly bro:)

We met with Rob in Lawerence,KS for some brazen on/off work

Gett'n the top tube brazeons....Rob did I tell ya I love the bike:)

There are more photos here and here. No riding for a couple days my achilies (I'm sure thats spelled wrong) on me left leg is swollen up...but I have no idea why?? Oh well I need to start back at Rassys this week we're starting to get busy, still need to do gutter work before our rain comes again....like tomorrow:(



dicky said...

EEEEGADS!!! Get some clear coat on that thing man. When I saw the photo of it covered in ice I winced.
I gotta admit it would look pretty snazzy with the orange camo. It could pull double duty when bow season comes back around.

Squirrel said...

After Ouachita it goes to paint:) Hopeing it'll be back for TI.


T-bone said...

Dude that is soooo wierd. My left Achilles tendon is sore as hell. Right one feels fine. WTF???

3p0 said...

ok, now that's just odd. not to bandwagon, but my back, and my achillies was buggin me sunday and monday as well.

didn't swell up or nothing, but I took monday off to work on the yard...

dude, I can't wait for ouachita.. shit I'm looking forward to just gettin outa the car and cracking some brews....

Squirrel said...

That shit is wierd. Shaboing....I'll be cracking a couple in the car....I'm not driving:) Bringing the seepa...good stretching.


Paul said...

Squirrel, are you still thinking of riding the SOS ride on Saturday? Will you be coming up on Saturday morning or Friday night? It would be great if you could join us.


Squirrel said...

No can do Paul, family time this weekend:) Good Luck and take lots of pain photos:)


sydney_b said...

Heal up quick you guys... wtf on that achilles stuff?

Paul said...

Trust me Squirrel, family time, no matter who the family is, would be less painful than this weekend will be! %^)

See you soon!