Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ho Hum....

I feel that the achillies is almost back to normal I think I may try and do some fixie this afternoon....going to be nice out today. Went home yesterday and did the gutter work, put in a new mail box....mail lady should thank me, now she won't have to walk up all the front steps:) Plenty of yard work still ahead, I think Teri and I will tackle some on Saturday....I'll have a few hours on Saturday to get out and ride if anyone wants too...rain or shine:) Need to get out and hike the Center Trails again...this time with the chainsaw as I'm know there are some fallen trees in need of removal. Izabella has her two front teeth coming in now...well the past week that is....oral gel kicks ass:) Izzy is just gabbing away...yesterday I watched her for 30 plus minutes just gabbin.... I was just laughing it was so cute. She also loves her feet now that she can suck on'm..

I have a Switchblade report coming soon...


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MG said...

izzy's a cutie dude. i bet she's fun to have along for the ride! i bet you've already got plans in your head for her first badger too, 'eh?