Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Night With Old Style

Thee heads of CITA (Ryan, Justin, Bruce, Sammy and I) met last night at Gif's 5th Street Pub, home of the Wednesday Night Tacos, for those of you whom haven't ventured out for a taco ride yet...they kick ass for cheap...cheap...cheap:) We hammered out some board items with a few beers and country hole in the wall music....damn I felt like I was down home. I rode the fixie around for awhile before our single track gathering of minds, when I walked into the pub as usaul they all where looking at me like I'm some crazy fucker for riding a bike....when will these ham bones figure it out?? Summerset Lakes is going to be a hoot when all is done, a technical loop, a skillz area, a pump track, and a six pack fo the big kiddies whom like air:).... I'm betting $$ that morrels grow in the area too.....yummy. First work day is March 17th 8am till noon, come on down. I on the other hand plan on being at Landalh Reserve in KC for my first race of the year.... Spoke Pony Showdown 3/6, hands down these mates know what the hell they are doing:) Dats it mates.....bring on the commuting weather:)



scott showen said...

i think there is a bunch of us coming down from lincoln for the 3/6, i hope the trail is in good shape. i am so out of shape... it will be intresting. make sure you bring some beers.

Squirrel said...

you kiddies camping or living the life of luxury or heading home afterwards....beer...but of course:)


scott showen said...

i bet most of us will be going home sometime after all of the beer is gone.

gwadzilla said...

you and your chicken of the woods