Thursday, February 01, 2007

A New Knife Of Sorts..


almost didn't want to take it out of the box:)

I had a switchblade when I was a little kid....

how much do I weight now???

yesterdays ride in the snow.....I was trying to eat some white stuff.....felt good of course to get out for a putt-putt....rolled by homeless Gregs shack but he and the dogs weren't home...rolled the pave trail for an hour then went home.....then went too pick up a Bud sixer.....dooooohhhhh.......can't work on a bike without a beer......that is a sin mates:):) 2 buds and wha la I'm all good, the blade is installed, and life is good:) Perfect. Another putt-putt for today....hhmmm



the inebriationist said...

Pretty. Got the alum-leg version for my lady's bike.

Pete Basso said...

That fork sure is purdy Squrrel. It looks really cool on the Monkey. It's kinda funny seeing it on a KM though. It's kinda like putting a flat screen TV in the seat of a 1970 Chevy Nova.

pilderwasser said...

nice bike. nice switchblade.


Rob said...

Your k-monkey is lookin' good. I remember when it had that yellow seat on it- and I was like oh...yikes, but it looks great now and that fork is supa-sweet. Old school meets new skool.

Squirrel said...

Rob- the yellow seated monkey was actually a borrowed bike from a buddy.....I had it over a month:)...had to be sure ya know:)