Friday, February 02, 2007

I Feel Nice......Like Sugar & Spice Yeah....So Nice..So Nice..I Got You....

Hot damn what a killer ride yesterday!! I've come to the conclusion that I'm a "DICK", now for you too fully understand that you must read Samanthas take on Pussy vs Dick, hellarious and thought out:) The reason I mention this is while reading some blogs like Dave Nice who put in 937 miles in January living in Denver, and Lock Ring Not Included getting in 747 in Pennsylvania...then me a whooping 149 in Iowa for....yup thats a purdy big dick I have:) I'll try'n get my pussy on for Febuary:)
Ok enough laughing....its ride time.... Johnny C and I we're meeting at the pool parking lot around 3:15 for our putt-putt, but the thing is while I was crossing the bridge to get too Chad & Reals I saw this Lady Hawk just sitting on the bridge.

Of course I had to see if I could get closer for a photo, I rolled by at 5 feet from her for the above shot...then rolled back by getting too close and she flew away...

That was purdy sawheat buddy:) Only thing that would have made that any better was her swooping down and scouping up a rabbit then flying off... Now heading towards the parking lot running late via Chad & Reals, I have to stop and let air out of me tires cause I pumped them up to 40lbs for pave trail riding and not this rough as fuck should have 25lbs trail riding..and of course being a geek..

I have to take another picture of me monkey. Back to into Johnny and we decide to hit pave trail as Johnny recently stabbed himself in the palm at work and his handy hurts:):)

Master Johnny

John riding through Chad & Reals

We headed west out through Clive, by 7 Flags, turning and heading south at the ball parks past I80/35 bridge, up too 60th I believe, rolling by BWW, then back into the junction...all of it a total blast...with just over an hour and a half riding and 17 miles in. Getting back out again this afternoon, gonna be colder...and the Hilly Hundy is just around the damn corner....yee-haw!!



ExtrmTao said...

I am interested to hear how that new fork rides. Beat it down and let us know.


Cellarrat said...

Cool pics of the hawk!

airing out said...

You are a pussy. Seriously.

Bear said...

Twin Six should be sponsoring a fast lap prize at the Blue Mound 12 hour. Got the balls to show up and give Jesse and Marko a challenge? Might take a few more monthly miles!

Fxdwhl said...

Do you notice a difference with the fork? Shouldn't dropped some weight with that switch.

Squirrel said...

Bear- hell yeah I gots balls, but them mates are faster than I hands down....but I'd still line up next to and talk the biggest smack:)

Fork will take a month or so of riding for me to try and make any sense of its good or bad...good thing is it looks fucking cool:)


Thanks Sam!

Paul said...

So when is the hilly hundy? I would love to make it!