Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I Am Not Worthy

Sundays ride was epic with the 30mph winds, PJ picked a great route for us and the company was KICK ASS. PJ has a good write up as does Paul Varnum. All I can say is 44x20 on the Schwinn...no good...everyone I met yesterday rode thier asses off...I am not worthy of the TIV3..... YET!! I'm sticking to me 12 week wieght plan...for I know I am weak:) When we all riding next??? All in all 50 miles in 4hrs 15min give or take a few. BRUTAL DAY!

Paul cruising before the hook up

Hooking up with Greg Moore at Ledges State Park

Crossing one of the four water ways

What can I say....just beautiful

Peddaling down big hills like this sucks....

Conveince store in Ogden...Pual V and I bailed here...

What did you think I would'nt have one......

High bridge outside Boone


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