Tuesday, December 12, 2006


The Jackel tagged me so I'll oblige the tagging of....but I will agree with Kerkove... I'm not tagging anyone.....I'm a scrooge:)

1. I'm an only child......but I do have a step sister, bruther and a half sister.
2. When I was 6yrs old my friend Brad and I had our first visit to the local jail, we where throwing rocks off a RR bridge down onto passing cars...the cops came, called our parents/parent and asked if they would oblige in letting them take us to the jail for a tour...I remember being scared shitless...."boy's if you keep this trouble up you'll end up locked up in here"....MOMMY!!!!
3. I hate only one person...my first step dad...he was an alcholic and very abusive to my mother and me.
4. I used cocain and meth from the time I was 17 till I was 27...BIKING/Family/
Good Friends saved me from ruining me life or killing myself/someone. Hence the addiction/passion to cycling:)
5. I was playing naughty with older little girls when I was only 8.
6. I cry and think that makes me human, not weak:)



the mostly reverend said...

thank you for:
1--sharing; and
2--not tagging. let's put an end to this blogger abuse!!

Cornbread said...

Ha! You got tagged too!

Good lookin' list. :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing the power of cycling. Can't be explained