Thursday, June 22, 2006

Taco Ride Pix

Baked not cheese was a little over baked but the rest was all good:) The Taco record is 3 full ones held by Basso and Cam, who will step up to 4?

Last nights group was a good one.

Craig, Craig, and Lebeda. Lebeda had a stiff link so we had to get that fixed, it was a one beer apiece job:)

Justin caught up to us while doing a trail side repair.


3p0 said...

ah yeah, nothing like riding bikes in the heat, stoppin for some cold suds,

and repete.

gwadzilla said...

I think I could eat 20 of those tacos in an evening in front of the tube

but... I am a beast

I have talked to a few cyclists with ink
a number of them are willing to let me take some shots
when I run into them with my camera
I will start collecting the images for you

should be a good spin on my photo project

you would be proud of me
I have not been so grumpy lately

guess it is all the time on the bike
racing is the best way for me to release steam in my mental pressure cooker

Squirrel said...

Amen my brutha!!


Squirrel said...

Damn it I did it again, Joel if you could eat 20 of these bad boys, by the way they tip the scale at just under a pound apiece, we would have to call Guiness:)