Thursday, June 22, 2006

Taco Ride Pix

We now have black top from N. Valley Dr. to Pal Joey's place

Al and Homebrew waiting for us slow focker to get back to the shop, I see they didn't wait to tap the mini keg:)

Sammy looking like he's paying attention to the Cubs game, Giffs has $2 Old Style tall boys during any Cubs game. Old Style+Tacos=poopy pants

Kick'n it at Giffs, I've started to Patrol while on the Taco Ride, need to get me hours in ya know:)



Pete Basso said...

Squirrel, steppin up to 4 Gifs may cause internal damage, however, I'm game for trying again in the fall. The bombs wrecked my internals last time. I shat grey stuff for a week.

MattM said...

I'm suffering the after effects of my first pair of Gif's "too cheap to be good for you tacos." My internals sound like they're about to become externals!

Good times last night, y'all. Next time I'll bring better beer...

Bake said...

Nah Petey...that was just the holistic cleansing effects of the tacos.

Pete Basso said...

I think the secret ingredient in those "ass rockets" are "ex-lax". Apparently adding this to any food can speed up the de-toxing of one's bowels by 10x. Even better than after effects of McCutcheons homebrew.