Wednesday, June 07, 2006

(Free) Live Music,Cruisers & Beer

Tomorrow night is the second show for the Nightfall on the River with Blessid Union of Soul performing at 7pm. We have always just sat on the bridge and kick'd back some cold ones for the free show:) The "White submarine" is back up and running, its our old Schwinn tandem, this will be Teri and I's cruiser for the show. If you want to join us meet at Rassy's at 7pm and we'll roll from there. Teri will be blessing the Taco Ride tonight on the Pink Puss too:) I just love riding with me lady:) New ink coming today.....sawheat!! I've put on a couple beer lbs. so I'll be commuting once again.....I know its about time:)


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