Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Eye Bike Tattoo Coming Tomorrow

Took Danno his latest beater today.

Danno surprised me with his drawing of the "Eye Bike" tattoo. Pretty fucking cool if ya ask me:) He's throwing it on tomorrow so look back for my newest ink addiction. Took the day off, rode Denmans this morning and seen that I missed a fallen log, I'll get it soon. Off to the shop here shortly. Sammy and I think its time to start up a cruiser night, it should be Thursday night so we could go down town to the river and watch live music. A good list of bands coming, I'll try and find the link but I'm in a hurry right now. Gotta go.

Taco Ride tomorrow you lazy bitches:)!!



Ryan said...

Big Poppa (as I was called this morning; "I love it when you call me Big Pop Ah...") is DOWN for Taco Wednesday.


Matt said...

[[2:1 x (2.5 inches / 26 psi)] x Denman's ] + Tacos = [:) :) :) :)]

Ryan - hope you can spare me a minute or 2 over a brew...

Matt M.