Monday, May 22, 2006

Weekend in Omaha

A muddy Monkey

T-bone and I after its all said and done

Roxy, Ryan, Ann, and Dennis chill'n at T-Bone's houseenda:)

Sat. morning group ride at Swanson, hot flowy shit!

Dennis cruisen the swing bike, yup I must find and have one of these entertaining pieces of rolling art:)

Sat. logg'n it at Manawa, a few more pics found here.


Cornbread said...

Glad y'all came over and had a good time.

Rob said...

The Muddy Monkey is hot, but what is up with that seat? Whatever works- way to go 1st place!

Squirrel said...

It was a borrowed bike, seat was a problem I forgot to mention, it slipped with my lard ass bounceing on it:) along with the other problems I had. Oh well;)