Monday, May 22, 2006

Weekend in Omaha, 29'r Throw Down:)

Many thanks go out to the Omaha, Council Bluffs folks for a real kick ass venue, great job on a sweet trail system. T-Bone thanks for the pad to crash at, Mark and Ann it was great to meet ya. Swanson and Manawa kick ass if you've never been...go...but get yourself a tour guide as you'll need one.

When Dennis and I rolled into L & C it was perfect out, cool temps and no rain. Alright lets suit up and pre-ride the course. We went out while the beginners were still raging on the course. We weren't on the trail 30yrds before the Monkey threw her chain......this isn't how I planned to race:( The course was dry as hell, the first shute was rough and damn dusty on the preride, the rest...... well dry and dusty but all good'n fast. The course had more climbing then what I remembered from racing here 2yrs ago, glad I went with a 34x19 set up.

After the preride we all were just hanging out waiting for the big moment of truth, it was 11:15 or so when rain, rain and well rain hit. Light rain it may have been but it was steady and rained for an hour, now thangs are looking great for T-bone and I as we both dig the wet conditions......ya know weed out the roadies:) Now we roll to the bottom of the huge paved hill for the start. Experts rolled out 2mins. (I think) infront of us single speeders, which for the first time started before the whole sport class.....T-Bone great idea brutha!! Go...and we're off on the climb, by the time we hit the single track T-Bone and I had a good gap. With this being a local trial for T-Bone I was completely content riding behind him knowing his lines would be the best ones. When we hit the second drop of the shute it was a fucking skating rink....... T-bones down........shit I'm down with my front wheel litteraly turned sideways still going straight down the shute:) Once back up, I blow the very next corner......damn it....I thought these big wheels would help:)

Once back up I look for T-bone and he's gone...damn it again. I pick the pace up and start feeling good on the borrowed Monkey. Now getting into a rhythm I start to pick off some of the experts, but still no T-bone.... thinking to myself that little fucker is gone for good now. I catch up to Jason Alread, Wild Bill and Andy, but still no T-bone..... finially on a climb I see him running up it. As I catch him it was obvious he'd been pushing the pace to kick my ass on the local trail, he's out of breath, mostly I'd say due to his asma(sp), I get around feeling good myself and push the pace more seeings Bone'r was hurting:) This would be the last time I see Troy till the end. On the second lap the course had changed from sloppy to hot damn tacky fast with the exception of a few low areas like the one before the big log jam. I was feeling great, even with the pre race Fat Tire....Thank You 3p0!! Close to the end on a climb the fucking chain throws again this time with my right knee hitting my stem........ damn it thats gonna leave a goose egg. I get it back on, only to have the seat bag start to fall off, now dragging on my rear tire I stop, ripe it off and throw it in my pocket, as Ryan rolls by asking if all is good, thanks bro.

Now at the finial climb or should I say for us SS'rs RUN of the lap, I bail and start the boogie. Half way up I hear Basso yelling with many other mates, one dude has a beer dangling infront of me.....I ask may I... he obliges'.....Basso has taken my bike walking with it while I chug some brew.....ah thats better thanks mates. Now to the finish.....done and in first. Great job of all my Rassy mates also:), and you too Andy:) A 29'r reveiw will come soon as I need to ride it more, although I'd say right now there is one in my future this fucking thing rolls fast as hell. Super Cam Kirkpatrick's Ass Kick'n has a great write up from the Experts point of view.

Top today:)



Travis Swicegood said...

Nice job, Squirrel. And welcome to the big wheel club.

MOD said...

Hell Yeahs! It was sweet hangin' with you guys this weekend. Glad you liked the trails, I always feel lucky having such good dirt in the area.

I'm looking forward to racin' with you and T-bone soon. You guys gonna make over to Manawa on July 8th? It's my birthday, but I have a wedding to go to the same day. Might be able to squeeze the race in though.

Annie and I should be in for Sugarbottom, I love that place. Then maybe we can stop in Dead Moines on the way home.

We'll catch ya soon, Ciao

Jeff Kerkove said...

You should head over for the 12 hour this weekend!

Squirrel said...

If I didn't have to work Sunday I would have loved to gone to the 12hrs thang. Kick some ass Jeff:)!!


Pete Basso said...

Squirrel, the pics Dennis put up on Team 14's blog of the skinny's at Manawa are incredible. Now I have to get my butt over there to try that out. That looks like a blast. We need to get a road trip over there to ride the trails soon.