Saturday, May 27, 2006

Riding the Madness Away

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Yesterday sucked ass at me full time gig, my press is in need of serious maintenence and has been for quite some time, having to rerun jobs......."I" blew a fucking gasket in me head and couldn't take it no more. Me boss noticed that I needed a ride and told me to leave, I did so, road for 3hrs.......wha la I felt much, much better afterwards. I need to start riding a little more anyway. 2 laps at the Center Trails, then some urbanna, stopped by OutLaw Ink, talked to Ace the mate who did me Ghost Rider tat. After that it was downtown for some tie practice

lots of good times had here a great place to go when your down. Had to be at the shop at 4pm so I boogied it threw WW, while heading there I pass this place which only makes me think of Rays MTB Park, No Tresspassing signs all around it, I'm on paper and don't need the trouble, but hey sometimes you have to break the rules:)

this place is huge, at least a 1/4 mile deep with 20 building on it, for shits and giggles I'm going to see what they want out of it, although I think this area is slated for condo's sometime in the future if Knapp has his way. I'd better go give the trail a try it rained this morning but I'm a determined little focker:)



Pete Basso said...

"They paved paradise and put up a parking lot, yea they paved paradise and put up-a-parking lot" (or condos)
- Counting Crows

Ryan said...

Um, yeah... you're singing Joni Mitchell's Big Yellow Taxi that the Counting Crows covered... Mitchell is real good stuff, if you haven't checked her out; start with the album "Blue".