Monday, May 15, 2006

Crazy ass weekend

Friday night I headed out on the camping trip with me bagger boozing bro's, stopping and downing beers at bars along the route. Some where in the blur of the evening we stop for food in Adel, it was past normal eating time, but we threw down like starving pigs. We made it to camp some where after midnight feeling good and all, time to pass out and get me sleep on. I awake around 6am feeling knots in me stomach, thinking that it is just pooping pains I get up to go. Once on the pot I get sick as hell....this is not good......I feel like someone is trying to pull me guts out from the inside. Have to call Teri to come and get me as there is no way in hell I can ride back in this misriable state. Get home, sleep till 4:30pm...what a wasted day, although I awake feeling much better than that morning. So Sat. was pretty much shot.

Sunday I awake feeling like a champ, so at 6am I grab the chainsaw to head out to the trail to cut some trees out of the way, as folks are starting to get motivated to mow...which is well great. I then head down to the home town of Chariton for Mothers Day with Grandma, my Uncle Mort, and me Moms. Threw down a bunch of grub then boggied it home for a 3pm ride with Johnny C. While riding I noticed I missed as many logs than I had cut off the trail, so I'll have to go back out Wed. and get the rest most likely I'll mow some also. Had a great ride around 24 miles. IMBA is in town this weekend for the trail school thang.... I'm toren between that (being my forth time to one) or the race at Louis and Clark. I think (95% sure) I'm racing as other folks need to step up to the trail building school plate. I will give TCC crew a tour of our Center Trails on Thursday though if its in the plans. thats all I have for now gotta a busy day here at the prision:)



Neve_r_est said...

Let me know whats happening with the Louis and Clark thing, if you get a big enough group interested I'll break out the trailer again. I'm definitely wanting to minimize fuel costs, at this rate I'll have to take up road racing due to fuel costs.

Pete Basso said...

I'm in for L&C Race this weekend. Should be feeling better by then and don't want to miss this opportunity to race there.

Thanks for getting the logs outta the way at SC. I was down there at 4:30 and must have just missed you guys.

3p0 said...

sweet, you commin out west to see us,

If I drive, I'll have the Honda stocked up on your favorite beverage, if I'm not around, check the cooler in the back seat and help yourself...