Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sunday's first Snow ride of 2012

 Sunday morning started off with a lite dusting of snow. Didn't matter to Izzy cause as soon as she awoke she wanted to go out and play in it.....pajama's and all. After some coffee and pancakes I decided for the same.
 Planned on hitting some dirt but upon trying the entrance to Denmans off of the bridge and falling flat on my back side instantly I quickly decided it was too wet. Thoughts of an all out black label ride left me wanting to just go back home. Then I thought about the sandyish quad trails off of 63rd. Perfect and nobody gives a shit if I leave a little rut here and there. Well the scenery was going to be better to. Basically this is just a 4 mile section of wooded area off of 63rd st that will take you all the way to the backside of Raccoon River Park.
First tracks on the trails:)
saw this little guy after popping out of the quad trail and up onto the cinder trail of RRP
somebody else had the same idea as I:) 

20 miles all said and done, my new 45N Wolvhammers are da shit! Gonna try and get OUTSIDE today, but may have to settle for a spin bike ride. Need to get a bunch of welding done for the holidays!


Travel Gravel said...

That Budweiser buckle is super fine! Soon the small streams will be frozen with no snow on top, and I can get my weak-ass 2.3s out there and "fatbike" some shit! Later!

Anonymous said...

When you make your bike chain scultures what are you using to bond the chain links. Solder or are you using silver braze?