Sunday, November 25, 2012

Shitski! I made it into Trans Iowa

Well as of late Friday night it seems my fucking post card made its way into Marks hands and I made the 2013 Trans Iowa V9 roster. BIG WAKE UP CALL!

Looks like I'll be turning pedals more with this one goal in mind. Hell the furthest I've ever ridden is 157 miles and that was damn near 10 years ago and 10yrs ago I was 31 not 41. Last time I signed up for this stupid ride my Grandfather passed away and I wasn't able to make it. This year his wife, my Awesome Grandmother passed so I'm saddling back up to tackle some demons and attempt my furthest ride ever.

Grelk basically says just train in the shittiest conditions you can find. Seems easy enough given Winter is damn near upon us, cold riding is all we have now with HUGE winds and counties pouring freshy on our open gravel. I'd planned on riding home yesterday from Boone Iowa after eating with my Family for our Turkey Day. I kept the meal lite knowing I needed the blood in my legs and not in my belly. But upon reaching the gravel I knew I was pretty much fucked. A 3" fresh layer of gravel looked to go on forever and a sustained 20mph SSE headwind wasn't going to make this 60 mile ride any easier. Considering my whole ride home would be SSE! Grelk comes to mind.....SO did my cell phone and Teri picking me up in Madrid and not riding all the way home.

By the time I'd made it to the "Peoples Cemetary" I stopped to get some water, looked at my phone and I'd only been 15 miles in 1:15:00. FUCK my legs where heavy, my mind stuck on nothing but calling Teri, and most of the blood in my belly digesting the small plate of yummies I thought smart to eat. Another 5 miles and I'm in a ditch making the bail out call. Teri was in between Granger and Grimes, we determined Madrid a good pick up place. I could see the water tower of Woodard so I figured I was 30mins or so from Madrid. By the time I got there my knees where trashed from all the fresh gravel, I was beat up with only 27 miles in. I HAVE A LOT OF WORK TO DO! Cheers to an interesting 5 months of bike practice for this great adventure!


MrDaveyGie said...

Let the journey have the spirit for this...ride on..

Travel Gravel said...

I see you top 10 easy. A strong spirit like yours will do well anywhere. Good luck and have fun.
Speaking of things you used to be able to do, ever wake up in a town after a wild time and have to find a water tower to figure out where the hell you were? So who is your family here in Boone? Later Bro!

Unknown said...

Linda and Bud Williams

Unknown said...

by the way Thanks guys!