Thursday, December 06, 2012

Global Fat Bike Ride Dec. 1st 2012

 Our UNofficial Fat Bike Ride started with 13 marry souls at the Mile Long Bridge just outside of Polk City. Jeff A, Tad C, Brett B, Brian S, Nick L, Todd S, Chris R, Kent C, Jason P, Teri P, Steve F, TJ F, and myself. The plan was to ride Saylorville Lake shoreline and the Des Moines River shoreline to the High Trestle Bridge up by Madrid, have some lunch and ride back most likely black label and gravel roads.
 There were a few log overs on our way to the first designated beer stop just a mere 4 miles or so in at Hwy 17 bridge.
 Jeff Anker the "planner" that he is had dropped a case of PBR's off for our consumption. Only thing was WE all were packing beer too. Damn it!
 After the Hwy 17 bridge it was basically adventure riding, none of us had been past it. Things got rocky, offcamber, and narrow...AWESOME!
 Fuller preparing to hike the Beaver Lodge
 A mile or more past the 17 bridge and the valley just opened up to this HUGE sand flat. The above photo with TJ and Teri in it is looking from where we came.
 this one is looking to where we are going. HUGE OPEN FLAT! Sorry for the shitty photo but my camera had some sort of filter going on.
 Second beer stop,
 folks took time to clean out muddy clogged up drive trains and,
 pick the MUTANT BURRS off from hugging the inside line:)
 We met up with Joe Short at the next beer stop only a mile or so past the last one. The line up of bikes all from Rasmussen Bike Shop in the boat ramp parking lot.
 a shot from the High Trestle Bridge looking down on incoming riders yet to get to the top
 Nobody made the climb although Joe came awefully close
 TJ hike a biking it
 Fuller broke a der hanger, almost all of us broke the "don't drink on the High Bridge" rule
 needed a push to the bar
 real food...HELL YEAH!
 Elmo's didn't disappoint, food was excellent! I'm sure we spent over $250 in the hour we were there:)
My Elmo samich...fried balogna, eggs, cheese, bacon, stacked 6 deep on bread! After this we all bailed for the Mile Long Bridge. All in all I think we did just over 30 miles. What a fantastic ride with some awesome friends. Next one we leave from the Saylorville Dam!

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