Monday, December 05, 2011

Dirt bike douche bag:)

Suited up last night for a ride through the flats. Put the lights on just in case I didn't quite make it out before dark. As soon as I got through the first turn in Denmans I knew I'd fucked up a couple of weeks ago. You see I had a run in with a young dip shit and his dirt bike. Lets just say I was not nice after he told me "I don't see your name on these trails". Well it seems that after a day's rain on Saturday, he and a four wheeler friend made their way through 80% of Denmans and all of Squirrels nest in some nice wet conditions so the corners are pretty much all blown out.

I'm hoping he has had his revenge. I didn't get pissed as I rode through it was more like I simply blamed my big fucking mouth for what had happened. I DO know where the little fucker lives though:)

Trail was in great frozen shape last night. Heading back out tonight with Blackford and again with the Wednesday Taco crowd. I'm getting at least an hour a day of some sort of is crunch month:)



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