Thursday, December 01, 2011

December 1st and no snow to be found:)

Some folks are barking at the moon, praying to the snow Gods nightly for the white shit that will be here soon enough. Me... hell I'm just happy to be pedaling home tonight without the snow:) Been sick the last couple of day's and really lazy due to that, not a hundy yet but I'm riding home anyway. Gonna hit Sycamore then head home to weld some gifts up for some folks in Texas. High of 40 today! Snow maybe in the mix for Saturday so I really need to get over what ever this crap is. Also need to get back on that shitty tooth paste Sensidine, it doesn't leave your teeth feeling very clean or fresh. But if they don't fucking ache after a long cold ride I don't care how fresh they are.


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