Thursday, December 08, 2011

Bar Mitts....A must own for winter Iowa riding

That little wing velcro's over your grip, well if your an Ergon grip geek as I am it just don't work. Velcro isn't long enough for Ergon's girth:)

Look at that girth! I actually tried wrapping around the bar end too, velcro does go around the bar end. But alas it won't stay on, just slides #1.

Solution #1. Rubber band! Cheap, easily acquirable:)

This works, now just to see how long the rubber band will hold up in Iowa's cold winter and against lots of use. I could have bought some velcro and used that, but again I'm a cheap type of guy:)

Money! On Iowa's wintery cold rides I will swear by these. 35 degree's and below. A pair of lite gloves ( I wear my long fingered summer gloves) will keep your hands sweaty in these babies! If it goes below 10 degrees I'll use a medium weight glove. Weather your riding gravel, (by the way this particular pair of Barr Mitts will work on your drop bars as well) or crushing frozen single track a pair of these will be your best winter riding purchase for the money. Stop down at Rasmussen Bike Shop for your very own pair today!



Thekrow4jc said...

Good tip bro! I picked up a pair of those last year and finally after years of complaining my hands got cold, now they don't. Enduring -40celius on the Canadian prairies was a breeze with those. Now living in the mountains of BC and they still are perfect.

MG said...

Oh yeah... Bar Mitts are the bomb! They have become required equipment on my rig anytime the temp falls below 30 degrees. These old hands don't circulate as well as they used to, and with the 'Mitts, I can stop worrying about my freezing digits and focus on enjoying the ride.

They're The Shit, as they say...

Rip it bro!!